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Ensuring the best outcome for children and families is a big passion of mine, particularly in the area of social and educational policy.

It is my pleasure to serve on the boards of the organizations listed below and serve as an advisor on a few others. I am passionate about curating opportunities for others to thrive and these organizations represent my current interests. If you would like me to serve on a board or in an advisory capacity, kindly reach out for a chat.



Diana's focus Areas..

Entrepreneurship & Business

I am fortunate to possess a comprehensive understanding of business operations, honed through experience in both corporate settings and the entrepreneurial landscape. With a mindset akin to that of an owner, my distinctive background as a business manager and Chief Operating Officer (COO) has equipped me with robust expertise in various domains. From adeptly managing finances to orchestrating talent management, fostering employee engagement, and steering business transformation and strategy, my skills encompass a holistic approach to effective business leadership. This unique blend of experiences positions me as a valuable asset, capable of navigating the multifaceted challenges and intricacies inherent in the dynamic realm of business.

Areas of

Strategy, Technology & Innovation

In my extensive 17-year career spanning Technology and Financial services, I’ve consistently embraced the role of an early adopter, recognizing the critical importance of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape. My expertise lies in ensuring organizations are well-prepared for digital transformation. I’ve led various organizations and teams through transformative changes, ensuring they are ready to navigate and adapt to the dynamic digital landscape. My focus extends to business readiness, a facet that has been central to my approach. In my current consulting role, I leverage my wealth of experience to design impactful business transformation strategies, contributing to the successful delivery of large-scale global projects in the dynamic domains of technology and finance.

Employee Engagement & Retention

Over the past twenty years, I have spoken to thousands of employees to understand what they really want. In the past five years, I have been privileged to curate and help deliver many employee engagement programs that have led to increase employee satisfaction, better pulse scores and employee retention. Recently employers have had to deal with the great resignation and silent quitting, so it is very important that we know how to keep employees engaged. Employees feel burnt out and the recent mass redundancies have not helped. So how do we get all stakeholders to feel engaged and supportive of each other?

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

In our rapidly changing landscape, Diana stands as a dedicated advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Leading by example, she actively spearheads programs and events, ensuring workplace unity and inclusivity. Her commitment transcends rhetoric, manifesting in tangible efforts to sponsor initiatives that leave no one feeling like a minority. Through program delivery, sponsorship, and event curation, Diana creates spaces where differences are celebrated. Her hands-on approach emphasizes the importance of actively implementing DEI principles, making her a beacon for those who seek to transform inclusivity ideals into meaningful realities. Diana’s leadership echoes a resounding call for positive change and equality.

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